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casale La Memoria

Healing Centre

My Story

My name is Els and I was born in Belgium.

About 10 years ago I was travelling through Italy where I discovered the Maremma. Monte Amiata, Saturnia and her other beautiful places left a lasting impression on me.

The last 5 years I came every free moment to recharge, to understand and connect with the ancient wisdom of this mystical places where once the Etrusken people lived on a special way on this Earth. Every time I walked through this wild forests in stillness and bathed myself in the warm hot springs, my heart felt free like I was coming home. It felt like a medicine for remembering the connection with the source consciousness, a deep connection with the space of ‘La Memoria’.

​“I honor our great Mother and her Sacred Waters
I give thanks to the Wind and the Fire
I give thanks to the Medicine and for the Memory“

I started organizing womenretreats in Saturnia and I was dreaming of creating my own healing centre, where people can come together to relax and make connection with their Heart and Soul and remembering the essence of life.

So after deep listening to my heart desire, I made a big decision of selling my little centre ‘GROWW’ and house in Belgium and moved in beginning of this year to Saturnia to create a Healing Centre, a healing place for you to come and relax, receiving traitments, rituals and ceremonies on a perfect place that nurtures Mind, Body and Soul. A place which can touch you deeply and also bring you in het space of ‘La Memoria’.

I feel grateful, humbled that I may be guardian of this ‘casale’, to life, breath and work with the Spirit of this Land and I hope that the Maremma will also act as it has for me, like an Academy of Life.

“Healing is about returning of the memory of wholeness, traveling through the mists of illusions to the pathway of transformation”

Start Your Journey

Are you ready for your journey within?

This destination on the sacred ground of La Maremma can give you extraordinary power and healing by allowing yourself vibrating in the fields of ‘La Memoria’, the forgotten wisdom of the Divine in every one of us.

This journey along mystical energetic places which ensures that the process is accelerated about ‘who you really are’.

This process is strenghtened by ceremonies, rituals, meditation, traitments, guided walks through enchanting forests, holly paths, caves, underground labyrinths, necropolis, temples, …

Each journey end at the hot springs source, to connect with your Source, like a rebirthing.


My Concept

If you choose to come on your own, as a couple, family or as a group let me create your ideal combination of accomodation, meals, activities and price.

You can also arganise your own retreat or ceremonies here.


Healing Treatments

  • - Yoga and harmonisation of the chakra’s
  • - Energetic massage and drainage ( the cures are aimed at restoring energetic balance in the body according to the elements. The cures are a combination of lymphatic drainage and colortherapie)
  • - Isogetic Colorpuncture
  • - Nature walks and organised trips to Powerplaces and ‘Via Caves’
  • - Sjamanic Rituals and Ceremonies to connect with Nature and her Medicines
  • - Womenretreats to heal the Womb
  • - Family retreats
  • - ...